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Savoury platters

Sandwich platter (40pcs) $90
Serves 10

A mix platter consisting of:
Salami, cheese and
wild lime, chilli and ginger sauce.
Chicken, salad and peri peri sauce.
Ham, salad and 
 lemon myrtle and coconut sauce.
Salad (Tomato, Carrot, Onion, Cucumber, Spinach) with Kakadu plum sauce. (Vegan)

Gluten free options available (gluten free surcharge applies)


Wrap platter (20pcs) $100 
Serves 10

A mix platter consisting of:
Ham, cheese and 
wild lime, chilli and ginger.
Chicken, salad and peri peri sauce.
Roast beef, salad and  lemon myrtle and coconut sauce.
Salad (Tomato, Carrot, Onion, Cucumber, Spinach) with Kakadu plum sauce (Vegan)

Gluten free options available (gluten free surcharge applies)


Ham and Cheese Croissant platter (12pcs) $100
Serves 10

Shaved leg ham, sliced cheese and fresh tomatoes inside a buttery croissant.

  Bagel platter (24pcs) $110
Serves 10

A bagel platter consisting of:
Smoked salmon and cream cheese bagels
Avocado and cream cheese bagels (Vegetarian)


 Salad Roll platter (20pcs) $110
Serves 10

10 full salad rolls packed with flavour including:

Chicken, cheese and peri peri sauce

Ham, salad and wild lime and ginger sauce

Corned beef and  lemon myrtle and coconut sauce

Salad (Tomato, Carrot, Onion, Cucumber, Spinach) with Kakadu plum sauce (Vegan)


 Cheese, Fruit, Antipasto and Dip platters

Cheese platter (Serves 10) $130
A selection of soft and hard tantalising cheeses.
Served with crackers and native chutney.

Fruit platter (Serves 10) $65
A selection of juicy, plump seasonal fruit.

 Antipasto Platter (Serves 10) $130
A selection of antipasto classics.
Salami, smoked salmon, feta and crackers


 Vegie Sticks and Dip Platter (G/F) (D/F) (Serves 10) $130
Carrot and celery sticks with cucumber, capsicum and delicious dips.


Charcuterie platter (Serves 10) $130

Perfect for any occasion, selection of cold cuts accompanied by cheese, crackers and chutney


Bakery Items

Scone platter (Serves 10, 20pcs) $65
Fluffy Australian scones served with jam and lemon myrtle cream.


Doughnut platter (Serves 10, 10pcs) $65

Scrumptious fan favourite iced doughnuts, great for those early morning or an afternoon sweet treat.

Muffin and sweetbread platter (Serves 10, 24pcs) $65
A selection of delicious sweet muffins and sweetbreads.

 Danish platter (Serves 10, 24pcs) $65
A range of danish pastries.


Cookie platter (Serves 10, 10pcs) $65
A selection of home favourite cookies.


Sweet slice platter (Serves 10, 20pcs) $65

A sweet treat to end any function, can range from brownie to carrot cake and many more.

Gluten free available (gluten free surcharge applies)


Cupcake platter (Serves 10, 12pcs) $65

Delicious sweet treats, includes lemon myrtle and strawberry gum flavours

Gluten free available (gluten free surcharge applies)


Lamington platter (Serves 10, 10pcs) $65

Soft sponge cake coated in chocolate and rolled in coconut flakes

Hot Food platters

Mini pies and sausage rolls platter (Serves 10, 24pcs) $100

A mix of mini pies and beef sausage rolls.
Perfect platter for those that love the traditional hot Aussie snack.

   Cocktail vegetarian quiche platter (24pcs) $100
Tasty mini vegetable quiches - great hot food snack for vegetarians.


Cocktail quiche lorraine platter (24pcs) $100

A perfect two bite hot snack


Gluten Free Options

  Gluten free biscuits $35
(small plate)



All day catering Packages

We offer all day catering packages for morning tea, lunch, afternoon and all day
tea and coffee station. Contact us for a quote that suits your event.


All cancellations within 48 hours of delivery time will incur a 100% cancelation fee.

Our specialty: 

Taste of the Outback Platter

Serves 10 (designed as a tasting platter)


A platter that celebrates all that is outback Australia, with outback kangaroo sausage bites, crocodile tenderloins and bush spiced emu sliders.

ORDER NOW for Reconciliation Week,  NAIDOC Week or multicultural events to sample native Indigenous flavours.

For other Multicultural events please contact us as we require 10 calendar days notice for Outback Platters

 *meat cuts may differ based on availability *Due to a current meat shortage the Taste of the Outback platter is unavailable